Maine Antique Dealers Association
Maine Antique Dealers Association

Dealers Specialty: Metals (Pewter, Brass, Tin, Copper, Iron, or Coin)

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Melissa Alden Antiques
Mark and Marjorie Allen
Allen & Walker Antiques
Anchor Farm Antiques
Antiques at Hillwood Farms
Centervale Farm Antiques
Cheryl Anne Reed
Clovercroft Antiques
Doc's Antiques
Ann M. Dowrick
The Farm
Foreside Antiques, Inc.
Foster's Antiques/Auction House
Full Moon Antiques
Garlands Antiques
Goosefare Antiques & Promotions
R. Jorgensen Antiques
Colleen Kinloch Antiques
Ross Levett Antiques
Lilac Cottage Antiques
Malcolm McFarland Antiques
The Old Barn Annex Antiques
Partridge Hill Antiques
SB Adams Antiques
Spiritus Mundi Antiques

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