Maine Antiques Dealers Association

P.O. Box 405, East Boothbay, ME 04544

Mission Statement

MADA Mission Statement

MADA connects buyers with sellers of antiques, and fellow antiques dealers with one another for professional support and exchange – both within and outside the state of Maine.

Definition of Antiques

  • Antiques from Webster’s Dictionary: Old as respects the present age or a piece of furniture, silverware, etc. made in a former period.
  • Most customs agents in the world use the 100 year rule.


  • Furniture:
    Handmade through the Victorian Period C.1890, Oak, Arts & Crafts, all easy calls, but we need to include mid century modern (Howard Miller, etc.) and use good fair judgment as to what is generally accepted at the time of evaluation.
  • Clocks
    Most of what we think of as antique were made prior to the 2nd World War or 1940.
  • Smalls
    Smalls anything collected that were generally used along with or in early periods sad irons, oil lamps ~ Note Electricity did not make it to many rural towns in Maine until the 1950 s. Some cooking utensils from 1940 are very collectible.
  • Fad Collecting
    Generally encompasses items which would fall within the 100 year rule but things like Hummels, Royal Doulton figures and Tobys are well made, some over 100 years old and some more modern but are all acceptable.
  • Glass
    Over 100 years accepted as well as later examples of art glass, etc., paperweights mostly pre 1950.
  • China
    Dinner services, tea pots, mixing bowls, etc. 100 years accepted, also items such as Fiesta Ware from the 30s through the 50s as well as other collectibles, cups and saucers, etc.
  • Architectural
    Parts of older homes, wood columns, wrought iron, hardware windows, etc, all up to 1950s.
  • Garden
    Tools, gates, fences, cement figures, all must be earlier than approx. 1950s
  • Rugs
    Orientals up to semi antique, approx. 1950. Hooked and braided rugs should also be 50 or 60 years old.
  • Lighting
    Excepting pre electric most electric lights should be acceptable if at east 50 or 60 years old.
  • Dolls and Toys
    Will be accepted if most are at least 50 or 60 years old.
  • Sports
    Hunting and Fishing which are 50 or 60 years or older are accepted.
  • Guns
    ATF rules pre 1897? are antiques and are accepted. Later than 1897?require a federal firearm license and are not accepted with the exception where one deals in 80 pre 1897? with 20 post 1897 is accepted.


A. A dealer must be offering for sale at least 80% of what we class as acceptable.

B. Photos of how a dealer sells (shop, show or picker for auction) and what is being offered for sale should show at least 50% of items or two members of the MADA Board should visit and give a report prior to voting.

I. Conform with rules set in MADA Bylaws.

Not Acceptable
A. Modern repros, collectibles and fakes.
B: Recent repainting of older or new furniture, etc., (used does not mean antique).

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