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Release date - Sun Oct 30, 2016

MADA Endowment 2016

Into the Lantern: A Lighthouse Experience

October 12th, 2016 was the perfect autumn day for the Maine Antiques Dealers Association to exchange handshakes and present the Maine Maritime Museum with a $1,500 endowment for their upcoming permanent exhibit Into the Lantern: A Lighthouse Experience. With a November ground breaking scheduled, the MADA endowment was yet another piece of a hefty fundraising goal of $980,000 for their one-of-a-kind exhibit set to open in the Summer of 2017.
MADA Endowment Chairman Harry Hepburn, MADA Treasurer Malcom McFarland and MADA 2nd Vice President proudly presented the endowment to the MMM Director of Development Peggy Schick, MMM Curator of Exhibits Chris Hall and MMM Board of Trustees Chairman Steve Caulfield.
The permanent exhibit will be a replica of the Cape Elizabeth Two Lights Lighthouse tower lantern room. Visitors will be able to see up close in person the original second-order Fresnel lens from the East tower at the Two Lights dated 1874. The exhibit being all ground level this incredible experience will be accessible to those who are enthralled with the lighthouse experience but otherwise wouldn’t be able to make the trek up the winding staircase of a lighthouse. A 180 degree panoramic view of the Gulf of Maine, Casco Bay presented in time lapse video for visitors to experience a new world view of what Maine’s lighthouse keepers saw on a daily basis throughout all the seasons, times of day and weather. Being the first exhibit of its kind, it is sure to attract attention. Construction beginning in November it will take approximately six months to build the exhibit and about two weeks just to put the lenses in place with an opening day set for the of summer 2017.
Amy Lent MMM Executive Director was not present but previously said, “Imagine standing at the top of the Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse and watching the view changing over 24 hours – from sunrise to sunset with boat traffic going by, the wind blowing, and the seagulls calling. We want to replicate that experience for all the people who know and love this famous lighthouse, but will never otherwise be able to appreciate it in that way, we’ve been offering boat tours of area lighthouses for years and we know how much people love learning about them, so we are excited to create this new experience that will teach the history and science behind these important navigational aids in an entirely new way.”
(September 1,2016; Maine Maritime Museum to Open Immersive Lighthouse Exhibit Summer 2017;
The endowment helps continue the Maine Antiques Dealer Association practice of preserving Maine history, furthering its efforts to educate the community about our history and antiques.
In 1998, in order to "pledge its membership to the highest standards of service," the MADA Board of Directors established an endowment fund - Education and Community Grants Program - to promote education in, and knowledge of, historical Maine arts and decorative arts. It is a means by which the Maine antiques Dealers, collectively, can return some token of their resources to our larger Maine community, its' citizens, and its' art and historic institutions. Although it is not our intent to limit the type or scope of projects undertaken through this program, the limited funds available require a certain focus in order for these grants to have the greatest effect for recipients, and by extension, the Maine community, at large.
(1999; Grants;
The Maine Antiques Dealers Association is honored to be able to contribute to the Maine community and Maine Maritime Museum.

October 20, 2016 ~Samantha Stufflebeam

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